The idea for this image was born way back in march 2014. I had a deep desire to create a symbolically significant work, and I had a pretty specific picture of the elements that I wanted to include. 

The fish, the head exploding with viscera, was an expression of the ecstatic but ultimately uncontrollable brainwaves that come with delving into the unconscious (the fish, the treasure, the boat).

The first sketch of this image led me down many dead ends - the baskets would stay for some time.

I'd realized I was in trouble, but was being too tentative about fixing my errors. I reshot photo reference and consulted a friend, who directed me toward a more explosive, gloomy image. This image would be finished before being ultimately discarded.

This was the first final image. There are still that work, just not in this image - the baskets of coins and the cloud treatment in particular. 


an energetic drawing, to get back on track

blocking out colors and working on the figure

rendering and learning about how light passes through waves